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Wild Collecting & Potting/Repotting Workshop

Saturday April 28
9AM – whenever we return
Day Trip to collect Larch, Spruce & Fir
Meet at the Richmond Park & Ride

The wild collecting trip this year will take us to the North East Kingdom on Saturday April 28th. Please RSVP to Doug Pine if you are planning to join us. NOTE: this activity is open only to dues paid members of GMBS.

Sunday April 29, 1-4
Gardener’s Supply

Start your season by attending a potting/repotting workshop.  Several experienced members will be on hand to help guide you.  The workshop will start with a short introduction to repotting. Then it’s all hands on!

This would be an especially good opportunity for beginners to get hands on help and advice.  So, if you’ve been unsure of how best to repot this is your opportunity.  Veterans can enjoy the advice of other experienced members and the company of fellow members – and “get dirty.”

If you participated in the wild collecting on Saturday, this would be a great time to pot up those prizes up with help with experienced members.

You need to bring your own supplies (pot, soil, mesh, wire, tools, etc.).  We will provide a fun and supportive environment, as well as trays and tubs in which to do your work.

If you want to “study” a bit before the meeting, check out the Bonsai Tonight blog entry about different approaches to securing your tree into a pot based on the type of pot. This is very informative.


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