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February Program

February 18
Bonsai Skills Class Series I: Wiring 10:30 – 12:30
Introduction to Grafting and Propagation 1 – 4
Gardener’s Supply

Morning Session

Wiring is the most useful technique in styling bonsai. It allows the artist to manipulate the trunk and branches. Wire must be applied so that it is effective yet safe for the tree. David will discuss the difference between aluminum and copper wire. We will talk about the appropriate use for each such as which type of trees are best wired with aluminum or copper.

The most effective and safe ways to wire the trunk and branches will be demonstrated.  Members new to wiring will have a chance to try the techniques on practice trees.

This being the second year of this series David will demonstrate more advanced wiring applications such as guy wires. Also, species specific wiring and the right seasons to wire.

There will also be a discussion and demonstration on wiring bonsai into pots. Pots with different hole configurations require different techniques.

There will be a question and answer period. Members can bring trees they have wiring or styling questions about.

Not necessary to preregister and no class size limit.

Afternoon Session

Grafting in bonsai is used primarily to introduce new branches or roots on to a bonsai. There are various techniques – approach, thread, and root, etc.. These are highly useful techniques that we are going to focus on in our February and March meetings.  Many members may think this is too difficult, but in reality, it is not difficult, and the results can turn an ordinary tree into that special specimen.

We will discuss the merits of grafting to improve a trees appearance and introduce a few types of grafting.

Jay Gettinger, who is quite accomplished at grafting, will bring a Korean Hornbeam that he will thread graft at the meeting. He has been very successful with thread grafts many times with different trees. We will discuss the Hornbeam that he will bring and look at the possibilities for the future

Anyone wishing to bring a tree to evaluate its grafting possibilities is welcome to do so.

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